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Cartoon Police CarEmergency Number - 911
Non-Emergency - 602-262-6151 (Crime Stop number)
Information Desk (602) 262-7626 (no reports or dispatch)
Information E-mail Contact (no reports or dispatch)
Police Directory (Various Phone Contacts)

Don't Fall For It

Some of you may get phone calls asking for donations for Phoenix Police or Phoenix Fire. These are not legitimate! If you want to know how to donate to benefit officers or fire fighters contact the departments directly and they will be able to tell you but don't fall for a phone scam! 

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    You can view who at the PPD is in charge of what division on their web site. Click here to visit the Executive Team page.

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    September 2016 Meeting Minutes

    Untitled Document Untitled Document Untitled Document Untitled Document

    CALL TO ORDER by Sylvia Iodice


    PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was recited


    WELCOME AND INTRODUCTIONS of PBWAB DIRECTORS Sylvia welcomed everyone. Each officer and director introduced themselves and listed which precinct they represented.

    MOUNTAIN VIEW PRECINCT Commander Veach gave updates on the Mountain View Precinct. Violent crime is up across the city between ten and twelve percent. Violent crime in the Mountain View Precinct is up five percent. Many violent crimes have to do with known offenders. It is often gang or domestic violence-related. Commander Veach also spoke about Operation Golden Bear. October 1st is the Citywide GAIN Kick-Off event. October 15th is GAIN day. October 27th is the Trunk-or-Treat at the Mountain View Precinct beginning at 5:30pm. Also, Shop With A Cop is coming up.

    Rick Sain was awarded the Caring Community Award. AJ read the rice crispy poem. Christine Deal from the Westwood Village Estates Block Watch was also awarded a Caring Community Award.


    FIRST AID, WATER SAFETY, and CPR – Kira McClinton spoke about water safety. Constant vigilance is important. Even small amounts of water in sinks, toilets, and buckets can pose a hazard. Put a lot on the toilet seat. Practice CPR. Kira recommends small swim lessons at the age of one and beginning regular swim lessons at the age of four. Lock your pool gate and put up the pool toys. Make sure your child knows how to call 911 and that they know their name, their parent’s name, and any allergies. Byron demonstrated how to do CPR on an infant utilizing a football hold. He also demonstrated the proper way to perform the Heimlich maneuver on someone over the age of one. Always call for help for starting CPR. Put pets away, and make sure any doors are open for emergency personnel.

    GAIN kick-off is October 1st from 10am-noon inside MetroCenter Mall. There will be a shred-a-thon outside MetroCenter Mall from 9am-noon where you can have up to five banker’s boxes of documents shredded. A survey was sent out relating to the metal block watch signs. Please answer quickly.

    DOOR PRIZES Tickets were drawn for door prizes.


    NEXT MEETING The next general meeting will be October 25th at 6:30pm in the Central City Precinct at the Hope VI Center, 1150 S. 7th Ave.  The topic will be Grant Writing – Updates for 2017-18. Please make sure we have your email address on file to receive meeting notices.


    REFRESHMENTS were served.




    Respectfully submitted,
    Jennifer Rouse 

    Article written by/or information provided by PBWAB

    Find Your Precinct

    If you want to determine your Police precinct and your beat area, click here. 
    Type your street address into the field and click "Search".
    You can then retrieve information about your precinct (i.e. address, Commander, Community Action Officers, etc). 

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