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    November 2016 Meeting Minutes

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    Phoenix Block Watch Advisory Board

    Executive Board Meeting

    Mountain View Precinct, 2075 E. Maryland Ave.

    November 16th,  2016


    1) Meeting Called to Order - 6:31pm.


    2) Roll Call

    Sylvia, Candy, Arlene, Ann, Roger, Jeannie, AJ, Jose, Vickie, Virginia, Mark, Chris, Peter, Matthew. Guests - Sgt Kevin Brice and his wife Tammy and Cindy Findley.


    3) Approve Minutes

    Mark made a motion to accept the October 19th, 2016 Executive meeting minutes. Arlene seconded. Motion carried. A motion was made to table the General meeting minutes from October 25th, 2016. Chris seconded. Motion carried.


    4) Phoenix Police Department Updates -

    Block Watch Signs - Sgt Brice presented information. Someone said that the Block Watch sign design and how they are obtained by the public should be changed. A survey was emailed out to all NSD and PD registered Block Watches as well as to people who have been part of 301 neighborhood grant.  (550 went out, 377 came back) Sgt Brice shared the survey result and the new design. Current inventory will be sold; after June 2018 only the new design can be purchased. Sign may be purchased to spec at any sign shop or through the PBWAB. 


    5) PBWAB Updates

        a) Blue Wagon - Peter in charge bringing to meeting of and Virginia does storage inventory

            A Frame -  In storage and not use anymore. Chris took it for use other than PBWAB.

                              PBWAB uses banner now.

        b) Donations - Angels on Patrol $100 and Shop with a Cop $100

            Candy made the motion. Jose seconded. Motion carried.

        c) February Active Shooter II meeting Deb will try for Sunnyslope Community Center.

        d) Topics/Venues - April maybe U.S. Marshal at Devonshire. March maybe Chief Williams.

        e) Heather Donnelly retirement $50/+fees gift card. Vickie made the motion. Jose seconced.

             Motion passed.

         f) Green polos for Directors on 2017 purchased with grant funding. Arlene made the motion.

           Jeanie seconded. Motion  passed.


    6) Treasure's Report - Handout. Vickie made a motion to approve. Mark seconded. Motion passed.


    7) Membership Committee -

    Two new members: Cindy Findley and John Mendibles. Roger went over members eligible to be a director.


    8) 301 Oversight  Committee -

    New member is Tom Solnit. Chair is Sherry Dudek and Vice Chair is Candace Fremouw.


    9) GAIN Shirts no update.


    10) Bylaws no update.


    Old Business - Dec 9th Director's Party


    New Business - Nothing


    Adjourned @ 7:47pm



    Submitted by AJ Marsden

    Article written by/or information provided by PBWAB

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    Type your street address into the field and click "Search".
    You can then retrieve information about your precinct (i.e. address, Commander, Community Action Officers, etc). 

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